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Derbyshire Artist

On this site you will find the visual art of Mike Emery,  created in either paint or pixels.

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The Human Touch

To create an image, be it on canvas or indeed on any suitable surface with paint alone, to evoke feelings in the viewer, whether good or bad, by the arrangement of shape, form and colour, whatever the style of painting, is an intrinsically satisfying and human act. It is a journey where capturing that perfect moment in the artists eye, to the artists satisfaction, may never be realised. There is always more to give...


Painting with Light

Mike's love of photography extends back to Kodak Instamatic's and blue flash cubes. His college days opened with a Zenit EM and progressed with eager anticipation through various 35mm SLR's. Creating much of his degree show imagery under the enlarger, the eventual switch from manual image manipulation to digital manipulation courtesy of a Mac and Photoshop 1.0 was a logical and natural transition when his own design company was formed in 1991.

Below you will find a small selection of photographic images, straight or enhanced. 


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