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Born and bred in Derbyshire. Mike has painted for almost as long as he can remember. Art was always fun and something to look forward to during his schooldays and this inevitably led to an Art Foundation Course at Derby College of Art and Technology (as was) where Mike discovered a world of opportunity which included Painting, Animation, Sculpture, Photography, Video and TV production. This introduced him to a hitherto inaccessible creative melting pot.

Fate then took him to the sleepy village of Alsager, Staffordshire, where he embarked on the first Creative Arts combined studies degree in the UK under the watchful eye of the artist Peter Welton - the first Dean of this pioneering course. Studying Visual Arts and Drama (and spending alot of time in the music studio with his other passion, music) he majored in Photography and graduated in 1979 with an BA Honours Degree.

It was now time to 'get a job'. Unfortunately, art photographers were not in demand. A Creative Arts refugee was born!

So, Mike ‘accidentally’ became a professional designer in the print and graphics industry in 1980, which led to him starting his own company, Emery Design Services in 1991. Here he worked for major national and international companies utilising his 'all-rounder' ability to it's fullest extent.

Pushing the world of computer graphics into the background, Mike has decided that it is time to continue to develop his painting skills and get back to basics, back to what he always wanted to do. Hopefully this site will show his style evolve as his journey sets off into the unknown.

Mike is always happy to discuss commission work and most of what you see on this site will be available to purchase.

For further information, just get in touch.

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